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What You Must Know About A Car Exhaust Muffler

Knowing about the car parts makes it easier to spot the problem. In turn, it helps in saving money in the long run. So, know your car and each of its parts. One such important and often overlooked part is the muffler.

Understanding Car's Exhaust system

When your car's exhaust system works properly, it operates in silence. The moment it breaks, it causes noise in the car to seek your attention. A noisy car could ruin the charm of the long drives. So, immediately check your muffler the moment you hear noise from your engine.

Moreover, the performance and efficiency of the engine to generate more power increases when it can get rid of all of the exhaust gases. However, if the muffler is not functioning properly, it could affect the engine's performance. Thus, the replacement of the mufflers is one of the vital options for elevating the performance of the vehicle.

Which type of muffler should you install in the car exhaust system?

Various vehicle mufflers are available in the market, but installing the right muffler is crucial for increasing efficiency. Some of the options for exhaust mufflers are as follows:

  • ● Stock muffler: The basic function of a car muffler is to reduce noise which is caused by the fuel combustion process. It directs the fumes outside of the exhaust system. This means that stock mufflers can substantially reduce the amount of power for the car. If you seek high performance, this is not the muffler for you.
  • Varex® Muffler: The Varex® Mufflers is the outcome of the technology that has helped in combining the design of the stock muffler and the performance muffler into a single compact unit. Whenever the valve is shut, the exhaust gases are redirected away from the main flow path via a smaller opening. Moreover, there is a provision for reflection of the sound wave that aids in cancelling other sound waves of the same frequency.

Check out of Golf mufflers, Mustang Mufflers, Dodge Mufflers, Audi Mufflers & so much more but search by vehicle brand for exhaust systems and more.

The patent VAREX® Muffler application by XFORCE is an exhaust revolution - it allows YOU to be in control of how YOU want your car to sound. Made by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts.

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